How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone in 2022?

How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone

We can now utilize our gadgets extremely conveniently thanks to technological advancements. Accessing the laptop camera from the phone is one of several benefits.

Isn’t it wonderful to have access to your laptop or personal computer? Our vital files and other data, which are typically on laptops, need to be retrieved sometimes.

The development of technology has made it possible to access the laptop from the phone. Through a separate internet program, we may access not just our data but also the camera on our laptops using our phones. Let’s investigate the applications and other options that are accessible. I want you to grasp the VNC server before we go any further.


Open the RealVNC website and select the free edition to download the required software. You don’t need to submit your name or email to continue.

  • When you click “Download,” a page with various download options will appear.
  • If you decide to use Real VNC, install the server and viewer versions on the laptop.
  • Ensure that the laptop is turned on, connected to the network, and running the server software. You’ll need to create a password for accessing the laptop the first time you run it.

On the other laptop or computer, launch the viewer program. The laptop’s name or IP address must be entered here.

  • Once you’ve typed the name, click “OK”.
  • Make the password now.

The connection should now be functional, but if it isn’t for some reason, check to see whether either the device’s firewall or security software is preventing it.

You now understand exactly what a VNC is. For mobile devices, there is a distinct version that serves as the server edition for a laptop. I’ll mention some applications that you might be able to install on your laptop to learn more about them.


Remote desktop for Splashtop

Another software that combines utility and quality is Splashtop. You were able to access your laptop and view the screen in HD resolution. It was recognized as the best mobile app for this reason. Installing Splashtop Streamer on your laptop will allow you to set up a remote connection using Splashtop.

Your local PC will subsequently be automatically discovered by the mobile app. When you log into your Gmail account, you may use the internet to access your laptop. You may purchase it and download it from the app store or online. Utilization is simple.


One of the well-known programs for connecting to a laptop from an Android phone is TeamViewer. By sharing your desktop, you may remotely access a friend’s or relative’s laptop to help them with a system issue. It comes in both a basic free version that you may use for personal use and a more advanced premium version that is suitable for usage in businesses.

Additional features include improved multi-monitor support, quicker drag and drop, the capacity to retain connection settings per machine, AVI format conversion for recorded sessions, improved speed, and more. These are all available in the premium edition. Additionally, you may participate in group conversations and attend meetings while on the road. In general, it’s fantastic software for using the laptop camera on your phone.


Here is another tool that can do the task for you. It allows users to view their desktops remotely from an Android phone and can connect to the majority of VNC servers. It will export settings to a file on your SD card and import settings using URLs. Additionally, it configures numerous connections, various input methods, keyboard zoom, and other capabilities. The greatest use of this tool is for simple activities like remotely controlling upload and download capabilities and viewing files on your computer.

Phone MY PC:

Another premium software with some of the greatest features available is this one. You may download the laptop version of it and configure it according to the straightforward directions on the developer’s website. You have control of the windows, camera, and computer processes. Your laptop camera can even provide you with immediate audio and video. On a tiny smartphone screen, it makes remote control and management of your laptop much simpler.


It is specifically for IT professionals. You had fairly easy access to the laptop. Professionals use this software to remotely resolve problems. It goes without saying that being able to connect to a server remotely is now required as an expert IT can access your laptop from her or his mobile Android device. It demonstrates that this program can gain access to the laptop’s inner systems, indicating that it shouldn’t be difficult to access the camera. The app is available online.


It is another fantastic program, and installing it couldn’t be simpler. Android is great for both laptops and Android mobile devices since it is very compatible with Google. Utilize the Chrome Web Store to install Chrome Remote Desktop. You may use the browser to access the laptop. It is also 100 percent secure. Launch it once it has been downloaded and set up on your laptop. The pin will be needed to set it up. Then download it to your phone as well, and when it asks for a pin, use the same one you used on your laptop. You’ll have immediate access to it. Now you can access your laptop. I sincerely hope you can use and benefit from the list of points mentioned above. Try them one at a time because there’s a risk that one won’t work for you but will for someone else. I’m grateful.

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