How to Attach Three Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station?

how to attach three monitors to a laptop docking station

The idea of using numerous displays is straightforward. Finally, you’re mobile when you connect any video display to the laptop or PC’s relevant port.

The several displays do not turn and begin operating right once. There are several factors to take into account while employing numerous monitors. The first step is to determine whether the computer can support displays for a laptop.

Whether or not a graphics card can support dual or more monitors. The computer’s connection and the sort of video connectors it has.

Once you have thoroughly examined your computer or laptop’s system requirements, you are ready to configure a multiple monitor arrangement.

Putting several monitors together

Think about the following three things while connecting three monitors to laptop docking stations while utilizing the other displays with your computers:

The capabilities of the video card to handle multiple monitors, if the laptop supports multimode displays, and the active and precise configuration procedure

The method for attaching a laptop dock station with numerous monitors is provided in this article. It also aids in resolving any problems you could have while watching lengthy or multiple shows.

Step 1: Look through the available ports

Before starting to push cables onto the docking of your laptop, pause and carefully inspect those ports to determine what you need. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Input) Port is one of the visual interfaces used by modern computers, however earlier laptop models have a wide range of other media input ports as well.

Ports and Dockings Functionality

Many modern computers have a combination of these ports. You can notice one or more of these when you look at the sides of computers. The video card in a laptop with two ports is often equipped to broadcast and receive signals concurrently. If there is just one port, the tasks most likely cannot be completed simultaneously.

Note: You should check to see if a laptop has an additional slot for other video cards if the graphics card only has restricted functions and functionalities. So even if your laptop just has one port, you may still expand its usefulness. To verify the slots available for the additional video card, flip the side of the laptop and pop out the rear cover.

Market Trends for Laptop Docking Stations Compatible With

The purchasing of computers and their associated docking stations. You might be able to upgrade the functionality of a docking station designed for devices with a single video port into ones with more than two connections. Three distinct displays must be compatible with multimedia mode in order to be connected to the laptop docking station.

Note: There are two main groups of graphics cards. Integral and committed. Dedicated graphics cards offer a single capability, as their names would imply, while integrated graphics cards combine several functionalities.

 Step-2: Customizing Video Card Settings

If you have three distinct ports but are unable to connect them all simultaneously on the same grounds, the next step is to confirm that the video card that can show multiple monitors is compatible.

This process moves quickly and easily.

Connect the monitors directly, then, to change the display settings, select the Start button and type display.

Multiple displays may appear depending on the display settings, some of which may be deactivated and others which may be set up as the extended or secondary display.

On the window’s bottom, select the advanced display options button. Look at the numbers of various monitors that are plugged in to see how many displays are linked to your graphics cards.

Step-3: Check the settings of Graphics Card

Open the display manager by going there. Increase the display manager’s size. Take note of the graphics card’s model and maker. Select a graphics card that can handle a number of screens or monitors. Daisy Chain Setup and Display Link Setup are substitute methods.

Step 4: How to attach three displays to a laptop docking

If the laptop has an HDMI output, then any one of the three monitors will be used automatically. If we look at how laptops operate, we can only output to two displays at once.

You’ll need extra hardware to connect three distinct displays. The extra gadget is a USB display adaptor. It enables USB connectivity for your PC. On laptop docking stations, connect the display adapter to the USB port. An adapter is located on the opposite end of this useful item. Either DVI or VGA are options. What you have to connect with the monitor depends on your needs.


Many individuals lose up at a certain stage in the process and decide that it just doesn’t work at all or has no meaning at all.

The basis for this method is the video card’s capacity, which is then used to experiment with the laptop docking’s display settings by making sure the displays are set up correctly. The amount of ports that are open will determine how many different strategies are employed.

If nothing functions properly, get a display monitor, run the Display Link software, and take use of the multimode functionality.

Multiple monitors are an advanced strategy. It gives you additional screen area to see your content in more detail and on a larger scale.

This method is used by many computer geeks and tech-savvy individuals to run their simulation on a huge monitor to examine their work. Technology that gives you an explicit preview and enables you to access many system features is simple to use. Its graphics card is completely responsible for the input and output mechanisms. If you have bookings that match the system’s specifications as it is, you can extend the number of slots available. It is possible to display on many displays. Particularly, it is dependable and economical when used with a contemporary computer. It is independent of the kinds of ports that may be found

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