How To Connect A Laptop Wirelessly To A Blu-ray Player

How To Connect A Laptop Wirelessly To A Blu-ray Player

It’s not as easy as it appears to connect a Blu-ray player to a laptop. Your options will be significantly constrained if your laptop lacks an HDMI input port, which is quite uncommon. The Blu-ray player cannot be connected to a computer using a USB connection virtually often. This is so because USB ports on laptops are set aside for things like USB dongles, external keyboards, and mice.

It is not feasible to use an external optical disc through USB. Thankfully, there are still a variety of connections available for Blu-ray players and laptops. Keep in mind that mileage may differ based on your laptop and Blu-ray player. Here’s how to connect a laptop wirelessly to a Blu-ray player.

The use of Bluetooth

You might try pairing your Blu-ray player and laptop with Bluetooth if they both have it. Even if your laptop lacks Bluetooth, you can still connect to your Blu-ray player using an inexpensive Bluetooth USB adapter.

Once you have everything you require, follow these steps:

1. Switch on Bluetooth on both devices, then position them close to one another.

2. On the Blu-ray player, access the Bluetooth menu.

3. Choose “Bluetooth Device” from the playback screen option.

4. Connect to the laptop by going to “Device List.” Before connecting to your laptop, your Blu-ray player might need to be put in pairing mode. The user manual can tell you how to accomplish this because it depends on the model and company.

There is a strong likelihood that this approach won’t work because this is designed to function primarily with TVs. The next best option would be to utilize the Blu-ray player on the TV while connected to a local area network (LAN). You may access the files from your laptop in this manner.

LAN connection

All of the smart gadgets in your home are connected via a network called your LAN. You can transfer data between devices, but you won’t be able to utilize the Blu-ray player to watch video on your laptop. If you want to download entertainment using your laptop and then stream it straight to your TV, this is quite helpful and convenient.

To connect your Blu-ray player to a LAN, follow these steps:

1. Switch on the Blu-ray player, then choose settings.

2. Locate “Network Settings” or a comparable option on your device.

3. Search for “Internet Settings” or “Wireless Settings.”

4. Select your Wi-Fi network and input the password to connect to it.

It’s time to transfer files from your laptop now that your Blu-ray player is linked to your LAN. If your laptop is already linked to the network, doing this is fairly easy.

To share files, follow these steps:

Right-click the file you wish to share in step one.

2. Choose the drop-down menu item that says “Grant access.”

3. Choose “Homegroup.” You have the option of granting either view-only or view-and-edit permissions. It is your choice.

Overall, this is a great option if you already own a Blu-ray player, a TV, and a laptop. However, if you must view films and movies on your laptop, you can choose from one of the following.

Use software from third parties

Programs that accomplish this are the only method to wirelessly link a Blu-ray player to a laptop properly. A Blu-ray player is not required if you use third-party software that directly decodes Blu-ray. The software would be a prime example of one of these programmers. You may use your laptop to watch Blue-rays thanks to their PowerDVD application.

You may also try your luck using built-in software on your Blu-ray player that enables you to connect the player to a laptop.

Utilize the HDMI, USB, or capture card on the laptop.

The only way to use an HDMI output connector, which is what the majority of laptops have, is to attach your laptop to another monitor. It is impossible to connect your Blu-ray player to your laptop’s HDMI port using an HDMI cable. The HDMI input and output connectors on certain laptops, however, let you attach external devices to them, such as a Blu-ray player.

Some earlier Alien ware laptops, including the Alien ware 17 and the Alien ware M17X R4, are the most popular models featuring HDMI input ports. You may utilize a capture card for the same reason if your laptop lacks an HDMI input port. A capture card is a component that enables the USB connection of an HDMI input. This isn’t the most economical approach if you don’t already own a high-quality capture card because they are often rather pricey.

You may also try your luck using the USB port on your Blu-ray player if it has one. Even while the majority of computers won’t, there’s still a little possibility that they will. To make this function, you might need to install Blu-ray player software.


Contrary to what would appear at first look, connecting a laptop to a Blu-ray player is not without its challenges. If you wish to connect it wirelessly, you may do it directly by connecting over your LAN or simply by using various third-party tools. You may try out Bluetooth to check whether it functions as well.

You should be aware that you cannot play Blu-ray discs on your laptop if you link both devices to the same network. To watch it, you may share the files from your laptop and connect your Blu-ray player to your TV.

An HDMI cable is the only practical way to connect a Blu-ray player to a laptop. If your laptop has an HDMI input port, you can utilize that instead of a capture card.

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